Virgin / Not Virgin?

8/5/20222 min read

herd of sheep on green grass field during daytime
herd of sheep on green grass field during daytime

Wool is an incredible natural material that has been used for clothing and textiles for thousands of years. However, not all wool is created equal. One of the most critical distinctions to make when it comes to wool is whether it is virgin or not. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between virgin and non-virgin wool and explain why we choose to use only virgin wool in our AlbumLeo shirts.

Firstly, let's define what we mean by "virgin" wool. When we say that wool is virgin, we mean that it has never been used before. Thus the wool fibers are fresh, intact, and have not been damaged by any previous manufacturing or production process. Virgin wool is often considered the highest quality wool available due to its purity and durability.

In contrast, non-virgin wool, also known as recycled or reclaimed wool, has been used before and has gone through some level of processing to be repurposed for another use. While there is nothing inherently wrong with recycled wool, it is worth noting that the fibers in recycled wool are often brittle, less durable, and less soft than virgin wool fibers. This is because the recycling process can cause the fibers to break down, leading to a reduction in quality.

So why do we use only virgin wool in our AlbumLeo shirts?

Well, there are several reasons: 

Firstly, virgin wool is the highest quality wool available, and we want to offer our customers the best possible product. By using virgin wool, we can ensure that our shirts are durable, soft, and able to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle.

Secondly, virgin wool has a lower micron count than recycled wool, meaning that the fibers are thinner and more flexible. This makes virgin wool more comfortable to wear, as it is less itchy and scratchy than recycled wool. Virgin wool is also more elastic than recycled wool, which means that it can stretch and move with the body, making it an ideal material for active wear.

Finally, using virgin wool is more sustainable than using recycled wool. While recycling is an essential part of reducing waste and conserving resources, it is not always the most sustainable option. When wool is recycled, it often has to go through a significant amount of processing to be repurposed, which can consume a lot of energy and resources. By using virgin wool, we can minimize the environmental impact of our production process and offer a more sustainable product to our customers.

In conclusion, while recycled wool has its place in the world of textiles, we believe that virgin wool is the superior choice for our AlbumLeo shirts. By using only the highest quality wool available, we can ensure that our shirts are durable, comfortable, and sustainable.