Our Story

6/12/20191 min read

Since 2014, I've been an enthusiastic cyclist, inspired by my father's passion. We both ride our bikes daily to get to various locations and meetings. Soon we realized there were no convenient and stylish clothing options for athletes who want to balance a healthy and professional lifestyle. This was a frustrating realization, but we decided to focus on finding a solution.

We consulted medical experts to learn about the best clothing options for cycling and how they can improve our performance. This inspired us to create a clothing line that blends our passion for style and cycling. We wanted to offer elegant clothing options that allow us to enjoy our ride while at the same time being appropriate for university, the office, or a night out.

We are excited to introduce you to AlbumLeo, a clothing line that seamlessly blends sophistication with cycling!

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our products.

Kind regards,
Ruslan Belyy

Founder of AlbumLeo