Help Centre / F.A.Q.

Why are AlbumLeo shirts the best choice for cycling and everyday life?

Because AlbumLeo shirts combine all the best features of merino wool and qualitative Italian sewing with the special design that provides to the customer, not a simple shirt, but a shirt that no smell and no wrinkle if you wear it for several days straight without washes and ironing. Specially designed body style on the basis of classic Italian regular fit allows your body to move freely in your daily active life.

Why no smell and no creases?

  • Merino wool ensures exceptional odour free features as a result of its natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, which prevent the bacterial growth. These bacteria are the main cause of the build-up of unpleasant body odours.
  • Merino wool has its own elasticity which prevents most of the creases in daily life wearing.

What is the uniqueness of AlbumLeo shirts’ design?

AlbumLeo shirts are specially designed for the convenient riding of your bicycle. It took more than 3 years of designing, testing, cooperating with doctors and Italian shirt producers to complete the shirt with the right proportional design for almost any body type to provide convenience and safety by adding hidden light reflecting elements under cuffs.

Can I machine wash my AlbumLeo shirt?

Yes, unlike most other woolen products you can machine wash your wool shirt when it gets dirty(which happens much less often). Please, read the care label where are listed all instructions.

What 100% Made in Italy sign stands for?

For AlbumLeo team it is highly important to provide our customers the best quality and 100% Made in Italy here is not just a label – it is an indicator that we care about the durability of our products. 100% Italian production means that fabric of the product, cutting, sewing and all the processes for creating AlbumLeo shirts were carried out in Italy. Nowadays, when even famous brands allow themselves to trick people on quality for the sake of costs, we still keep traditions and respect our consumers.

How can I choose right size?

Please, have a look at our size chart where are shown and described recommendations for you.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we deliver everywhere you prefer. All the necessary information is described on our shipping page

Will there be new products?

Yes! AlbumLeo is a brand that brings the idea of comfort and classic stylish clothes in reality. Our plan of clothing line consists:

  • Jacket. Two (or more) types of a classic jacket of fine and thick wool for different occasions with unique features for convenient cycling. Classic Vest and cap
  • Merino wool knitting – Polo with long and short sleeves, t-shirt, and underwear.
  • Pants, 3/4 pants and short
Now we continue our testing to achieve better results. Please, follow us to be the first who will know about our updates.