Crafted with care: The high-quality materials and attention to detail behind AlbumLeo merino wool shirts

3/8/20192 min read

At AlbumLeo, we're proud to offer high-quality shirts perfect for active city living. From the moment we started designing our shirts, we knew we wanted to use only the best materials and manufacturing processes to create a product that our customers could be proud to wear.

That's why we chose to work with Reda, our partner, and supplier who has found a solution to create a unique and specially sewn merino wool fabric for our shirts. Reda transports raw fur from merino sheep straight from New Zealand to their mill in Italy, where they manufacture knitting and other woolen products. The result is a fabric that combines all the best properties of merino wool with technological advancements such as wrinkle resistance, washability, breathability, and strength.

But it's not just about the fabric. We also selected Italian producers for the sewing process to ensure every detail is attended to. All of our shirts are 100% Made in Italy by Italians with a long history of producing high-quality garments. We pay attention to every detail, from the strong and beautiful seams that won't scratch your skin, to the high-quality threads and buttons, to the thread shanks under the buttons to keep the buttonholes durable longer.

We also took great care in the construction of our shirts. After analyzing rider opinions and consulting with professionals in the textile industry, we created a unique shape that allows for comfortable movement during cycling or other daily activities. Our shirts are based on classic Italian style but have been modified to provide more comfort for your hands, shoulders, and torso. We even added hidden light-reflecting tape under the cuffs to help keep you safe during darker times of the day.

When you wear an AlbumLeo shirt, you can be confident that you're wearing a high-quality product that has been designed and crafted with care. Whether you're commuting to work, meeting friends, or cycling through the city, our shirts will help you look and feel your best. We take pride in providing our customers with a product that they can rely on and are proud to wear.