AlbumLeo shirts

When it was decided to use wool, the only problem was to find such virgin merino wool which is that thin and structured to sew shirts. ( why wool? check it!)

Our partner and supplier – Reda, has found the solution. Reda transports from New Zealand straight to Italy raw fur or merino sheep. In Italy, Reda owns mill where they manufacture knitting and other woolen products. Reda supplies us unique and specially sewn merino wool fabric for shirts.

Such fabric has all the bests of merino’s capabilities plus combines benefits of technological background which applied and provided such extras as non-wrinkleable and washable together with more breathable and strength characteristics.

Except for smartly chosen fabric, all sewing process and details are essential. That is why we selected Italian producer as well. All our shirts are made in Italy and by Italians. The value of it is much more significant than just geographical pointed manufacture place or famous label. It is quality. It is attention to every detail. Strong and beauty seams, which do not scratch your skin; High-quality threads and buttons; thread shank under buttons to keep buttonholes durable longer.

Finally, a few words about construction. After analysis of riders’ opinion, after lots of tests and consultations with professionals in the textile industry, we have created a unique shape which allows you conveniently ride your bicycle or engage in daily activities. Basing on classic Italian style, we changed the geometry of several parts of the traditional model to provide comfort movement to your hands, shoulders and torso. Under cuffs, we sewed hidden light reflecting tape to protect cyclist at a dark time of evening or night.

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