About Us

  • Ruslan Belyy Jr.

    Marketing Manager

    Ruslan Belyy Jr. One of the founders of AlbumLeo, marketing and brand manager.  

Our Story

“As a pro-biker who got influenced by my father’s passion back in 2014 and since then been enjoying the positive aspects cycling has to offer, as I ride it daily to reach my destinations, such as work, school, restaurants etc. After exchanging ideas with my father and friends, we realized that there are no convenient and fairly looking clothes for sportsmen who are willing to assemble a healthy and office life. It is a very unfortunate fact, but as some might say, every cloud has a silver lining. In addition to that, we came in contact with some sports doctors who stated their medical positions towards the most appropriate cycling garments and how does it affect our performance as sportsmen. At that moment, my father and I determined that we would like to make a fusion between our passion for good style and cycling, by creating a clothing line which would introduce an elegant appearance and would allow us to pleasantly enjoy our ride, altogether with being fit for university, office or for a night date. We are pleased to introduce you this new blend of refinement with cycling which is AlbumLeo.  feel free to contact us for further information about our products.” –


Kind regards,
Ruslan Belyy