One solution for all problems

Each of us is familiar with the problems of creasing of clothes, as well as the smell that remains on it after lunch or a scorching day. Historically, people have tried to cope with these problems, and to this day there has been no right solution answer.

Someone continues to wear ordinary cotton clothes that quickly deteriorate, crumple and need daily washing or ironing. Someone finds a solution in synthetic materials. Even though clothes made of synthetic fibers can partly help with the smell and almost doesn’t wrinkle, continually wearing may threaten serious health problems. Synthetic fabrics do not absorb sweat from the skin, provide poor insulation, and they do not allow the skin to breathe. Too frequent and prolonged wearing may cause allergies or effect on a lymphatic system.

— Sounds scary, isn’t?

When AlbumLeo was just an idea – clothing for bicyclists for those who do not want to ride sporty – the most problematic question was to find a solution for problems that mentioned at the beginning of this article. We have checked viscose, silver yarn, particular chemicals for fibers but none of them show even a partly satisfying result.

Viscose is weak, not durable, and manufacturing process is harmful to the environment. Silver yarn or chemicals are washing out after a couple of months. That time rescue had come from consultations with medical representatives of several countries. Mostly all of them pointed at wool, but not any, only virgin merino wool.


What’s the difference?